Carglumic Acid
An FDA-approved generic bioequivalent and therapeutically equivalent1 to Carbaglu® (carglumic acid) tablets for oral suspension 200mg

Can be stored at room temperature; no refrigeration needed


Lower-priced, therapeutically equivalent alternative: Switching an adult patient to generic Carglumic Acid could save the healthcare system $272,000 annually*

*Calculation based on average American adult female weight2 of 77.5kg, label recommended dosing of 50 mg/kg/day, and published Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC).3 Full calculation here. Based upon published Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), August, 2023.

Eton Cares is designed to help you every step of the way

We know your time with your loved ones is precious. That’s why we created Eton Cares, a full-service patient support program designed to help you along your treatment journey.

Once you or your loved one is prescribed Carglumic Acid, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Eton Cares and can take advantage of all the benefits. The program comes with a dedicated support team to answer your questions and help you follow your prescribed treatment regimen.

Your Eton Cares team includes

  • Insurance specialists to help you get coverage for Carglumic Acid and support you through any insurance changes
  • Pharmacists to provide 24/7 support by phone, monthly worry-free refill reminders, and shipment alerts

The Eton Cares Program can help you with copay and financial assistance*

Eton Cares can help eligible, commercially insured patients get their medication for as little as $0 per month.

Patients who do not have insurance and meet certain financial requirements may be eligible for additional financial support from a Patient Assistance Program.

For patients who are not eligible for copay support or who need additional financial assistance, Eton Cares can help connect you with alternative forms of medication coverage or provide referrals to other possible sources of funding.

*Restrictions, limitations, and/or eligibility requirements apply.

Have questions about Carglumic Acid?

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